Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fritz Haag & Thai Nakorn & Some Other Pictures While We're At It

Last evening, my husband and I went to Thai place I have never been before called Thai Nakorn. We brought along a bottle of 2005 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Spatlese which was kindly given to me by Allie Mitchell of Rudi Wiest. We no longer sell the 2005 (all sold out) but we sell the 2006 of this wine.

Needless to say, the wine was lovely. This is one of my favorite estates in the Mosel, because I like Wilhelm Haag! See above the picture I took with him at his and his son's estate this past fall when I was in Germany on the Rudi Wiest trip.

Well, not just that, I love the wines, they are so pure and delicious and flawless. For example the one we had last evening. Delicate and fine, it showed no heaviness at all. It cooled the heat of our intensely flavored food and it was gone in no time. No wonder people have multiple bottles of Riesling with their meals at the oft-referred to Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas!

Speaking of great Mosel producers, and since I am showing off celebrity pics, let me post just a few more:

This is me with Mrs. Prum, Dr. Manfred Prum's wife, at the Joh. Jos. Prum estate. This was just after the fantastic dinner we had in the Prum dining room, and after we played "Guess the Wine" with Manfred.

This is Theo Haart and me, posing with his 1971 Reinhold Haart Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Auslese. This is a wine of which I guessed the vintage! Truthfully, Rudi Wiest tipped me off on this one, since I was about fried tasting (long day in a long week) and he said to me, "Well, this one should wake you up." Well, with that kind of warning, I assumed it had to do with my birth year, and so it did. Others guessed this wine to be from the 80s. 1971 was Theo Haart's first vintage that he made (in 1972) and he has been the king of Piesport (when it comes to wine) since!

Okay this is not in Germany, but this is when the German winemakers came to LA for their annual vintage release trade tasting. That's Hanno Zilliken, very nice man, famous Saar winemaker. I later visited his estate.

And also at this same tasting, the famous Robert Eymael of Monchhof Estate, the funniest winemaker I know. What a great sense of humor. Everyone loves him, most of all, our customers, who are still asking "When is Robert Eymael coming back?" He did a tasting for us last year, and who knows? Maybe he will come again. We even had some customers who took him up on his offer to stay at his estate - they went to visit him and of course had a super blast in the Mosel, the most beautiful place on earth!

And last but definitely not least, the man who makes it possible, German wine importer extraordinaire, Mr. Rudi Wiest.


peter said...

I'm so jealous right now, great pics! I've been meaning to explore some Haag Riesling, this will provide the inspiration.

Nancy Deprez said...

Great - these Rieslings from Haag are worth exploring!