Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I think I should work a harvest

Just occurred to me today as I was driving on the freeway that I should work a harvest.

I have been drinking wine, tasting wine, buying wine, and selling wine, but never thought before I should be making wine.

But why not? Perhaps now is the time to see and feel and learn and experience how wine is really made.

Not just a vineyard and cellar tour, but actually working.

Not sure I can get the time off to work an entire 2 to 4 weeks during harvest, but maybe start off in short chunks, a couple of days at a time (away from work).

My first thought was trying to go to Germany to work a harvest, where they make Spatburgunder, but perhaps it would be more practical to try California first. Closer. Can get there on a couple of days off.

So plans are in motion. For harvest 2008.

In other news, our Wine of the Month, 2006 Sedna Mendoza Malbec is in, all 30 cases. About 5 cases have already sold. I should be through all these by the end of the month. Only $7.99 a bottle, $95.88 a case. Great buy. An all-purpose red wine that is medium on the palate and light on the pocketbook. I bought a bottle for myself and Johan last night and had it with vegetarian pasta with cheese and it was great. Perfect for a weeknight meal. 14% alcohol. If it were 12.5%, I would have had a little more. But it worked just fine.

End of this month, we'll be going to Canada. I hope to visit at least one vineyard on Vancouver Island. It's a bit wet there but would it really be wetter than Oregon? Maybe. Perhaps now is the time to do some internet research on rainfall.

The fun thing about wine is there is always more to learn, be it about sales or marketing or geology and climate. It gives enough for a lifetime of learning. And socializing!


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