Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from the Terry Theise Tasting

So I'm back from the Terry Theise tasting. Terry Theise is the German and Austrian expert who works with Skurnik wines, who import these wines and who also sent me to Austria a couple of weeks ago.

I was very happy tasting the Austrian portfolio, and I have to say, I enjoyed myself so much that I felt my objectivity was lacking. My favorite wines and my favorite producers from Austria took me back to that place. Putting those wines in my mouth literally transported me there. They took on a fantastic new dimension, and there is no going back. No longer are these Austrian wines simply an opening act for the Germans!

The German wines in the Terry Theise portfolio did not interest me as much. Exceptions were the offerings from two Mosel producers, Reuscher-Haart from Piesport and Martin Kerpen from Bernkastel/Wehlen. These portfolios I liked and I will be buying from the pre-offer. But aside from these, I liked the Rudi Wiest portfolio across the board more.

So back to Austria - I feel confident in bringing in Nikolaihof, Hirsch, Solomon, Prier, and maybe Sattler. So exciting. I feel my Austrian sales rising, this whole department growing. This next year will bring much to the Austrian department - I can feel it!

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