Wednesday, April 15, 2009

German Sparkling Wine

After a most delicious day, mid-week to boot, I tasted some of my own samples, and decided, Germany makes some mean sparklers.

I tasted three: Wegeler Brut Sekt (Non-vintage), Raumland Marie-Luise Brut Blanc de Noirs, amd Raumland Weissburgunder Prestige 2002. My favorite was the Raumland Marie-Luise Blanc de Noirs, named after winemaker and owner Volker Raumland's daughter, Marie-Luise.

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Wine Rambler said...

Hi Nancy! Great to see that there is more and more international interest in sparkling wine from Germany. If you like Raumland, you might be interested to hear that the make sparkling for many renowned wineries that do not have the necessary equipment/skill. We recently had one of those and it was yummy! See