Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's Fourth of July, and the livin' is easy

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Earlier this week I celebrated Canada Day on Wednesday July 1st - Canada is the nation of my citizenship and where my immediate family resides - I celebrated with a simple semi-day off which ended up rich in work on the phone and a local visit to a nearby account. It ended up being a very productive day.

Yesterday, Friday July 3, a holiday for many folks, I spent the day working at a couple of different Whole Foods stores helping out on the retail floor, a skill I am not unfamiliar with.... Whole Foods was and is having a big wine sale this weekend - 20% off all wines when you purchase 6 bottles or more.

Today, July 4, I'll also be out at Whole Foods, the Torrance location, where my friend and former co-worker Yvonne is the Wine Specialist... I'll be pouring some of my German wines, namely 2007 Becker Pinot Noir, 2007 Schnaitmann Evoe Rose, 2007 Rhein River Riesling, and 2007 Pfeffingen Dry Riesling.

And to celebrate the Fourth, the national holiday of my chosen land, provider of great opportunities to individuals of all colors, shapes, sizes, and origins, where even a gal like me born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, can march right in (well, drive down the I-5 interstate) and work in the hospital business for almost a decade then eck out a living in the wine biz...... tonight we celebrate with a bottle of American wine!
The chosen wine is pictured above: 2007 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel Blanc - a Rhone-style, or specifically Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc-style wine from Paso Robles. Sure, its history suggests something of half-French origins, but this wine's chosen home is 100% California. Maybe a little like me. :)
So while we drink it tonight, I'll think about what I love about the United States of America:
* It's fun here
* I like the people
* People here love running and wine
* People are friendly, open, and generous
* It's a big and interesting and beautiful geography (did you know that the Chinese translation for the name America is "Beautiful Country"? Now you do!
* You can have fun, exciting careers here
* There's so much to do!
* There is diversity and complexity, and always more things to learn
* I met my hubby here!
* It's close to Canada!


Noel DLP said...

Hear, Hear! A Chinese friend from Dalian told me about that beautiful country translation a couple of years ago. Interesting.

Jason said...

Thanks, Nancy! Enjoy the wine... I think it (this vintage of this wine) is the best white wine we've ever made.

All the best,

Samantha Dugan said...

Yer cute

Michael Hughes said...

I love your observations on the States. Very to the point & warm at the same time.