Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why I LOVE blogs

I love blogs. I really do. It's Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and I got myself up at 4:45 am this morning so I could hit the bike path to run 20 miles in preparation of the Long Beach Marathon in 5 weeks. Ate those 20 miles for breakfast, guzzled a Corona Lite at the finish (a kind fellow running group runner had brought them and kept them on ice for us, gotta love that), and came home to nice plate of perfectly cooked eggs, a few white cheddar Cheez-its, some cold water, a glass of 2006 Heger Pinot Gris from the fridge, and several hours of interrupted computer time - to read my favorite blogs!

I just love blogs. I'm very happy blogs have exploded on the internet, the people being able to self-publish has brought out the writer in many of us. Blog writing doesn't have to be deep, or perfect, or meaningful, or have a goal. All it has to be is fun to read. And what results is not only hours of some of the best entertainment for an introvert like me, but information, real, first-hand information that I trust and appreciate.

My favorite blogs to read are about food and wine. To be honest, I actually read more blogs about food than I do about wine, since I work in the wine biz, and when I'm reading blogs, I'm not usually trying to think about work, I'm trying not to think about work, so foodie blogs really excite. But it is not just that I am obsessed by food that makes me happy to read these blogs - I enjoy reading about people's experiences with food, and restaurants, their own cooking, and all that jazz. It is like anyone who is passionate about the art of food can be an Anthony Bourdain of his or her own making, self-publish a blog, take great photos of food porn, and allow his or her creation to be enjoyed by all.

You gotta love that.

I do hear from time to time that some folks don't like blogs. I think those are the older generation, who do not trust. I trust. I trust in the written word of the people, who tell me about odd food of all sorts and great restaurants and take the most wonderful pictures. And I trust about people's experiences with wine - real life experiences - and I follow their stories about far-away places.

I should blog more often myself; I have a lot to say. But when I do get the rare chance to sit down at the computer to relax as opposed to work, I have to say, I do get sucked in by reading other people's blogs, so much so that I neglect my own.


Noel DLP said...

Three thumbs up!!! (let me borrow one of yours)

Samantha Dugan said...

As a blog writer I can tell you that knowing that people are reading and enjoying what we write is so thanks for this, and thanks for reading!

dromedary said...

hi Nancy, I may not always post on your blog but I do read them. It's a privilege to have a window into your thoughts. Thanks for having the courage to share. (Linda who runs with Noel)

dromedary said...
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nonviolence said...

I feel the same way. I'm new to blogging & I'm having a great time. I want to share all my crazy thoughts with the world. Please check out my blog: