Tuesday, October 6, 2009

By popular demand: a wine review of a wine available in Vancouver!

So I have a little following of readers from my hometown of Vancouver, thanks to a few family members who keep up with me on the blog, and also a new addition to my blogroll to the left, Gigi, who writes a food blog with an emphasis on restaurants in Vancouver.

The Vancouver readers have requested some reviews of wines found in Vancouver, so I racked my brain then remembered that I did enjoy a fun wine when I was last in Vancouver.

The wine was a Bordeaux: 2006 Chateau Peychaud - an unassuming red blend of Cabernet and Merlot from Cabernet and Merlot's home region of Bordeaux. My father had purchased a couple bottles of this in advance of our visit, and we enjoyed the wine on two separate occasions (though oddly, we thought the wine tasted differently both times - probably our palates and the food that went with it, but maybe not!) The wine is rich in fruit and earth, balanced, with some smooth tannins, a perfect French red, not too goopy or alcoholic. I recommend it for those seeking a good and inexpensive Bordeaux to drink with anything from steak to lamb to chicken, even. We had the wine with Chinese food on both occasions and that worked too.

So, cheers! I think my father bought it somewhere in Richmond, not sure which store. Good luck!

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gigi said...

Hi Nancy - thanks for the suggestion and the shout-out! :) I will have to look for this wine and give it a try.