Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing in 2010

January 3 now, and it is 75 degrees in southern California, and after a short run along the oceanfront, I am sitting down to ponder the switching over from 2009 to 2010.

Much hope and optimism has been swirling around this change from the last year to this new one - and I share this also. 2009 had good times - I got to go to Vancouver multiple times, got to go to Winnipeg and meet my parents there also, went to Seattle and met up with an old friend there, went up to Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez a few times, went to Reno and even ran a half marathon there, ran a marathon in Long Beach, saw my sister get married, and spent time with my other sister here in L.A. 2010 should bring some really great, interesting times as well.
Though while I brought in the new year among friends, wine-loving friends that share their great wines (a Moncuit blanc de blancs Champagne stood out for me, as well as an aged Spanish Rueda white), I am reluctant to blog about wine.

Seems there are many other things that occupy my mind at this present time. I am thinking about dogs (volunteering at a shelter walking dogs, learning about dog behavior, adopting a dog in the future), family (enjoying the company of family), working in a new territory starting this month (San Francisco), and plans I am making with Johan in this new year - things we wish to do and places we wish to go.

Wine is still very much a part of my life, though it doesn't play as focused a role. It is there, it is my livelihood, but so many other things play a more central role.

As such, not much to write about wine currently.

This may change in February or March after my possible/probable trip to Germany with Rudi Wiest and company - I might have notes on the 2009 vintage in Germany. Until then, this blog may have very little of interest to those interested in wine.


And happy new year, may yours (and mine) be filled with accomplishment, happiness, love, laughter, joy, health, and wealth.


Samantha Dugan said...

Happy New Year Girlie! If my 12 readers tell me anything it's that it does NOT need to be all wine all the time, getting to know each other can be just as, if not more compelling.....

Amy said...

Happy New Year to you, too. Wow, San Francisco as a place to go and sell wine! Awesome. I know you will kick ass up there with a German portfolio because the food, in general, pairs beautifully. Good luck.

Noel DLP said...

Happy New Year, Nancy! Looking forward to reading about your wine adventures in the new territory.

David McDuff said...

Ditto what Sam, Amy and Noel said, Nancy. I'm sure you'll do well in the SF territory. And I'll be here reading whether you're writing about wine, running or dogs.

Happy New Year,

Jenelli said...

I found your blog and it's been nice catching up!

It was also nice chatting with you last night, and looking forward to keeping "in the know" from your blog.


Michael Hughes said...

Good luck with adopting a dog in the future! We have three crazy four legged furry kids. One was a stray & two came from the Humane Society. Rescues are the best! Good luck in your new territory also!