Monday, February 8, 2010

How I'll be spending my birthday this year

I've got my Germany trip itinerary now, and it looks like I'll be spending my birthday in the Mosel. Four estates in one day (a Sunday, no less!), starting out at Schloss Lieser, then visiting Monchhof, then the double whammie of Dr. F. Weins-Prum and Joh. Jos. Prum. Ending off with dinner at Manfred Prum's house, where I have dined two times before.

I let Rudi know that it will be my birthday that day. I hope to taste my birth year vintage of a Riesling or two. I know that back in 2007, my first trip, I did get to taste a '71 Reinhold Haart from Theo Haart and it was pretty amazing.

I also look forward to celebrating with my husband and friends after I return from the Cold Place.

And here's today's Haiku:

9 wins in a row
Can the Kings make it 10 t'night?
Winning is fun, eh?

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