Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Domestic Wine, if you're in Canada....

When I was in Canada last, I rummaged around my newly married sister's place, and found that she and new hubby had started a bit of a wine collection.

Most of the wines in their wine racks were not really recognizable to me, except the wines from this winery - Burrowing Owl - a winery in Oliver, British Columbia. Oliver is a very small place in the interior of B.C., far away from Vancouver, and is north of what I believe is the hottest place in Canada, Osoyoos. This is a part of B.C. which I believe has the climate you would find in the Washington State wineries which are located inland.

I have never been to this winery, or to the town of Oliver, for that matter, but I had heard of the winery, read about it, and knew of its reputation. So I enquired about the wine, and my sister informed me that these are limited release wines, which was information consistent with what I had read. I asked her to let me know the next time there is a release, so I may purchase some, both their reds and their whites.

Long story short, she gave me a bottle of their Chardonnay, and I brought it back to California, and I have been looking for the opportunity to open it.

I took a picture of it tonight before I popped it into the fridge. No, I didn't have it tonight, but I will have it tomorrow evening when we bring it to downtown LA French hip bistro Church & State, where we will share it with folks who are into that sort of thing - wines from different places in the world, including B.C!

I'm looking forward to the experience on a few different levels. First, I'd like to know what I think of the wine, and if it is to my taste. This will interest me because I'm not a big "domestic Chardonnay" drinker. Which is funny because last evening at a wine tasting, someone asked the dreaded question which it feels like I am asked often by people not in the wine business (and this is probably asked of wine business people), "What is your favorite wine?" and I ended up answering that I like Champagne.... and then someone said "Blanc de Blancs - and that's Chardonnay!" which is to suggest that my favorite wine is Chardonnay - and I had to think, is my favorite grape Chardonnay?? Champagne is so different from how still Chardonnay usually tastes..... but it is still the Chardonnay grape...

It won't be Champagne, but here's what I hope this 2007 Burrowing Owl Estate Chardonnay will be like:

* not oaky

* not pineapply

* not sweet

* balanced

* flavorful

* rich but not too much so

* like apples and pears

* having some structure and acidity

In other words, I want it to taste like a good Burgundy, but not an oaky one. One aged in old barrels okay fine, but not bristling with toothpicks and splinters of new oak.

Ahhhh....yes. I might get it too, you never know. On the other hand, it might be horrible, who knows. I don't. I have only been to B.C. wine country once since it has become wine country - that's the Okanagan. I have been there far more times before it became wine country, back when we were kids and it was peach land.

So I'm very curious about how highly regarded B.C. wine tastes. We don't get any down here in California. Except when sisters give them to you.

Report to follow.


Sara Louise said...

Would love to find some Canadian wine. I think I'd like it because some of my favorites are from Oregon. But I doubt I can find any in France :-(
Thanks for coming by my blog and all the nice comments. I'm still playing catchup :-)

gigi said...

can't wait to hear how you like the wine! :) I only tried a Burrowing Owl wine once and I enjoyed it very much.

SixBalloons said...

We went over to our MC's house for dinner on Friday and were treated to a 2005 Burrowing Owl Cabernet Sauvignon. I think you'd really like that one, so when you return next time we should make sure you get a chance to try one of BOV's reds. Can't wait to hear what you thought of the Chardonnay, we've had the Pinot Gris before and it was a hit so hopefully this is too!

Nancy Deprez said...

Thanks for commenting everyone! The wine turned our really good. I will blog details soon. Thanks for reading. :)

Marion said...

I can't wait to give you some too!

Marion said...

The pinot gris is a cult fav, as is the merlot!