Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dream Job

Eberhart von Kunow of von Hovel Estate in the Saar & me, Feb 2010

Please keep in mind as I'm writing this post, I'm feeling a bit euphoric after a long run this morning (9 miles) with the running group to which I belong... It was a particularly terrific run, cool weather, nice June gloom, great people out there - I did half the run on my own in a meditative early morning state, very head-clearing, followed by the second half where I ran into a friend in the group I hadn't run with in ages with whom the miles just passed by unnoticed after we got into a multi-topic conversation... very enjoyable.
So in this post-run part of the midday, as hubby is watching the World Cup, I have an opportunity to relax in the computer room reading some fun blogs... some of my favorites now are the ones of folks from either the U.S. or England who have moved to France and are writing about life in France. How fun (thank you Sara Louise for introducing me to them, and thank you Samantha for introducing me to Sara Louise!)
So I was reading a blog and there were some questions for the bloggers out there to answer, kind of like a 10 questions kind of game, and one of the questions was: What would have been your dream job?
I thought this was a great question because I thought to myself, I am doing my dream job!
Back some years ago when I was a dietitian, working in hospitals, I felt stuck and asked myself what I would want to do if I could do anything. And I said to myself, I want to work for a European wine importer, so I can go to Europe all the time for business, and do something that relates to the esthetics of wine and cuisine. I even found examples of who I wanted to be like and said, yes, I want to be like her and work for an importer!
So now I do that. So I'm doing my dream job!
And after running through my town this morning, I felt like I was living in my dream city.
Ahhhh.... the power of endorphins. And a day off... even from a dream job... is needed.
In conclusion, and this is mostly me talking to me: if you have a dream, make it a goal, and you will get there. It's the way of the mind.

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