Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas holiday thoughts

It's a holiday week for me this week, so not much time to post notes. I have, fortunately, been enjoying a lot of great wine this week, along with nice meals, so all is well.

I have been thinking about reviewing my top 10 wine moments of the year. When I think about them, they give me the feeling that I am very fortunate indeed.

Here's a start - ironically, the best wine moments of 2007 for me are practically synonymous with the best moments period. The wines usually accompany people, and good times all around. So for this, I am pretty grateful for my job at The Wine Country, the good people there, and my fine husband who allows me the joy of working at this retail job. Hee! Seriously though!

1. The entire Germany trip. It's hard not to put this at number 1, even though I didn't spend it with my husband, which would have made it an even better trip. A 10-day paid business trip to Germany's fine wine regions, visiting some of the best estates in Germany - can it be beat?? It makes all the negatives of my job worthwhile.

2. Trip to Belgium with hubby, inlaws, and niece. Great trip, saw lots of interesting historical sites, such as those in Ypres, the site of WWI masaquers. Also enjoyed a lot of lovely wines, including one great wine moment when I was able to purchase 3 French wines (2 Burgundies and 1 Vacqueras) from a wine store and share it with the inlaws, then seeing they liked the wines, and all was well...... :)

3. Trip to Sonoma with tour of Hanzell. This was a great tour. We were given this tour by the winemaker, who took us through the vineyards in the company Range Rover, followed by a tour of the cellars and the old winery which is a replica of one of the main buildings at Clos de Veougot. Finally, a private tasting for my husband and our friends, who were enamored with the winemaker (? his name escapes me - Michael?) and our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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