Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today is December 12, and tomorrow marks my 2-year anniversary of working in the wine business. This is the 3rd Christmas I will be working in wine retail for the company The Wine Country (, slugging cases of wine, tasting wine, buying wine, selling wine, pouring wine, and writing about wine.

To be honest, I love the job, so I've decided to write a blog to share some of my wine moments, and also just record them for my own enjoyment.

The most significant job-related thing I have done in the last 2 years of my employment at The Wine Country was to visit Germany's wine regions with importer Rudi Wiest. This was an amazing trip which opened my eyes to the beauty of the country and the impressive range of wines produced there.

I have written extensively about this trip already in our company's newsletter, so I may or may not recount parts of it here on this blog. I'll post some daily thoughts and references often.

So for now, welcome to this blog and hope you'll find some interesting reading, and I hope I'll produce some interesting writing about my thoughts and experiences in wine and life.

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