Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Beauty of the E-mail Blast

I used to think that no one read e-mail blasts, but I was wrong - people do.

Today I crafted an e-mail blast to our customer base, telling them about our older vintage Rieslings (a 1979 Karthauserhof Auslese and a 1992 Wegeler Rheingau Auslese) and our newly arrived Spatburgunders from Rudolf Furst and Friedrich Becker. Within 30 minutes of sending out the e-mail, we received an order for a couple of bottles of the Wegeler Auslese; within 2 hours we received an order for 4 bottles of Becker Spatburgunder; and during this time, a coworker of mine saw my e-mail and said, "Oh, you have a 1979 Karthauserhof Riesling? I didn't know that!"

So people do read e-mails on wine. Fantastic.

This week, I'm attending several wine events. Tomorrow evening, a tasting of Barolo and Barbaresco put on by my coworker; I'll be attending as a guest. The following evening, a wine dinner featuring Argentine wines - this one I'll be working, pouring, along with the importer. Hopefully we'll sell a lot of wine. We should. They are wonderful wines and Argentina is hot hot hot!


Mobius Strip said...


How is the 1992 Wegeler Auslese? I'm thinking about picking up a bottle myself, but I understand that 1992 was a bit of a mixed vintage. Thanks!

Nancy Deprez said...


Sorry for taking so long to reply; I just saw your comment just now!

The 1992 Wegeler Winkeler Hasensprung Riesling Auslese: I've tasted this wine on 2 occasions, once in June 07 in LA and once in Sept 07 in Germany:

Nose: beautiful aroma, petrol, dried honeycomb, butterscotch and toffee.

Palate: full to medium body, rich, flavorful, honey and orange notes along with savory explosive flavor, great acidity. A great wine to have with cheese.