Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meeting at Benley in less than an hour - Vietnamese food with Rudi Wiest German Riesling

In less than an hour, I have an appointment to meet Allie Mitchell of Rudi Wiest Selections at a local Vietnamese restaurant called Benley. Benley has won a lot of fans locally for their interesting, authentically prepared Vietnamese food with maybe just a hint of fusion.

Many of our customers stop by before they go to Benley to pick up a few bottles of German Riesling, and sometimes Vouvray or other Loire wine, to go with that light yet spicy and flavorful Asian fare.

So, I finally approached the owner and suggested he try some of these German Riesling straight from the source to see if he would like them on his list.

I'm excited, first because I'll be tasting them too (always a pleasure), second, because we might plan a German wine dinner there, and third, because after the tasting meeting, we'll be having dinner there! And we'll have all these opened bottles of German Riesling! Oh, no, what will we do???

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Samantha Dugan said...

Cant wait to hear it turned out!