Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall has finally fallen

For the first time, I'm waking up in the morning NOT to find blasting yellow hot sunshine streaming in through the windows. What a relief.

It has been non-stop sunny here in sunny California, a condition that many people love but I have come to loathe. Hot, dry heat, months and months without precipitation - all this has turned into a curse for me.

Today, at last, darkness and gloominess outside. A hint of wetness on the sidewalk. Ah.

A good sleep with tons of dreams. A dream where I owned two properties, little cute places, old, not big, places I decided to buy with the little money I had. One place on a hill somewhere. Another, I'm not sure where.

Then there was another dream where I had a little boy, who was riding with me in the car. He was good. He enjoyed riding along with me.

The third dream had to do with riding up a hillside again, and then later discussing this with my dad, and he knew that hill, where on one side was a beautiful golf course, and on the other side, some gorgeous homes.

I am daydreaming about being in Vancouver and walking around Granville Island on a misty, almost wet morning. Cup of coffee in hand. Warm sweater plus light coat. Then afterwards going to see my nieces and their grandparents (my parents). Then afterward retiring to our condo back near Granville Island again.


Samantha Dugan said...

You know I just read a study about cheese and how it can affect your dreams....were you eating cheese last night?! Really interesting stuff there girlie.

Sounds like you need some calm in your life right now, cool, quiet and comfortable...time to exhale. You like massages? If you are into them maybe get an hour long massage and just let yourself I would be a basket case and way more tense if some stranger was rubbing me but I'm a freak!

The kid thing is interesting....wonder what that is all about?

I too am thrilled that fall is here, I hate the summer and the coolness in the air just makes me super happy!

Nancy Deprez said...

Great interpretations. The kid thing is interesting I agree. I think it is because many friends of mine including yourself have a kid and the the kid is very cool and important. A great accomplishment and source of continued joy. Since I decided not to have kids, I guess I have been looking for the thing that gives that same thing - a sense of true accomplishment and never-ending joy.