Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I'll be Drinking Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is the big turkey day, and after working a 5-hour shift, I'll be cruising down the 405 freeway with Johan to our friends' Thanksgiving day celebration. I have been charged with bringing the wine to pair with the soup - the first course - "The Wort Hotel’s Famous Corn Chowder, which has a smoky bacon base and notes of dill and thyme," I am told.

Now, I have never heard of the Wort Hotel, but it sounds fancy, and intriguing, so much so that I might go google it later...

So here's what I think I will pair with it - I know you will be shocked - I think I'll bring German Riesling. I know, I never suggest German Riesling, do I???? One track minded much?

Seriously though, a Riesling would work here, I think.

So would a Champagne, maybe, but I think someone is bringing a Champagne to go with one of the other courses: a rich, crab-infused salad. And I think Champagne would go better with a crab salad than with a sweet-ish corn and bacon soup.

So the Riesling I am thinking of bringing is the following: a magnum of 1993 Wegeler Kaseler Nieschen Riesling Auslese. Pretty bizarre, huh? First off, I don't know the vineyard, though I found out it is in the Mosel. Second, it is one of two bottles that have been stashed at The Wine Country for a while, awaiting its owner to pick it up - he didn't.

So here are these two orphan magnums of 15-year old German Riesling, and they haven't moved for months, and I've been wanting to try one.

It's a risky move, but I'm going to do it. And my plan is to buy two bottles of back-up inexpensive Riesling, the Wine of the Month, in fact, the 2007 Mosel River Riesling which is the Rudi Wiest negotiant bottling from the Mosel, made at Robert Eymael's Monchhof winery. I'll chill those also, and bring them to the dinner JUST IN CASE the wine or the cork or whatever is faulty. One never knows what has happened in the last 15 years!

For example, in my life, the last 15 years have been:

1993 - graduated from university

1994 - moved to Edmonton to do dietetics internship

1995 - moved back to Vancouver

1996 - visited China and Hong Kong

1997 - moved to Los Angeles - got job as a dietitian

2005 - got into the wine biz

2006 - got married

2007 - went to Germany

2008 - went to Austria

2008 - got deeper into the wine biz

Well, that was more than you needed to know, but suffice it to say, 15 years is a long time, and that's how long ago those grapes were harvested for that wine I will (hopefully) enjoy tomorrow with hubby and friends. So wish me luck. I'll let you know what happens and hopefully have some half-decent tasting notes. Also, on the other wines consumed. And whether we needed to break into those two Mosel River Rieslings. But if the Mosel River Riesling stelvin closures don't have to be breached, I'll just leave them for the hosts to enjoy another time.


Michael Hughes said...

That sounds like a lot in 15 years. So was there a particular wine that flipped the switch for you? Or did you gradually fall in love with wine. Did you choose to go into wine because you just weren't passionate about Dietetics?

Samantha Dugan said...

Sooooo how was it lady?! What else did you taste? What did the others think of your older Riesling? They had to be impressed with the bottle, German magnums are so cool looking!

Nancy Deprez said...

Thanks for the comments, you guys!

I just posted about the wine and the other wines we had! And the food.

Michael, it might have been an Amarone that my now husband brought for a date. Just always loved the romantic aspect of wine. And yes, I wasn't that passionate about dietetics though it paid well and there's something to be said for that! ie. you can use that pay to buy wine, heeeheee!