Friday, January 2, 2009

Better Blog Posts Coming Next Month

My blog posts have been lacking a certain je-ne-sais-quoi - well, actually, I do know... the issue is that reviewing what wines I drank with what foods only goes so far in fueling my writing passion. For example, last evening, I indulged in a delicious bottle of 2005 Bordeaux called Puy Arnaud which was really enjoyable and I had it with roast chicken, which was quite nice. I could write a tasting note here but really, who cares? It was a good bottle of wine, balanced, and tasty and I would buy it again in a heartbeat (only $17.99 a bottle). Like everyone says, 2005 was great in Bordeaux and all these little chateaux made some great easy-drinking reds for any night.

But exciting literature it does not make.

BUT... I am going to Germany in a month, my first time going there in the cold of winter. I expect I will have some stories and pictures. Pictures of snow-covered bare vines. Hopefully a picture of me at Urziger Wurzgarten in the same pose as you see me on the left here, but without the lush green of the Riesling leaves, but instead the white, grey and brown of dormant vines, frozen earth, all waiting for the sound of Spring.

I hope to bring great stories of these storybook lands. I know that I regretted the last time that I visited that I didn't have a blog yet. In fact, it was reading blogger Lyle Fass' blog about his similar Rudi Wiest Germany trip that inspired me to open a blog. For that I am grateful.

This time, this visit, I'll have a blog! And I'll get to explore and share all bits of minutia about Germany's wine regions in the winter.


Samantha Dugan said...

Super cool Nancy, I know I will be logging on to see how your adventures are going! I so know what you mean about not having a blog when traveling...wish I had one on my Kermit trip although I have to wonder how and when I would have found the time to do it!

I am also with you on the tasting subjective and after a while they all start to smoosh together so what is the point? More life less berries and cherries I always say!

Anonymous said...

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