Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally, some pictures of Fritz Hasselbach visiting us at The Wine Country

I posted a while back about our very successful tasting with Fritz Hasselbach of Gunderloch when he was suddenly in town after visiting Canada where he consults from time to time, showing the British Columbians how to grow great Riesling.

Finally, here are the pictures we took when the tasting was over and the guests were filing out the door. Note The Wine Country friend, Jack, in the background.

Here's Fritz Hasselbach with The Wine Country owner Randy Kemner.
This week, when Allie Mitchell of Rudi Wiest Selections comes to town with Karina Stuhler of Robert Weil, she will bring a sample of Gunderloch's biodynamic Riesling from a Nierstein vineyard, and we'll see if we want to bring in a bunch of cases of that. Hopefully it will be good! We've had some customers looking for 2005s, and we've pretty much sold out of our 2005 Rieslings.

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