Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good news

Good news: Fora agreed to do a hunter's wild game dinner with Spatburgunder in the fall. Like mid-October. Chef/owner Hans is interested. This is great. Good stuff!

Today I tasted some 2007 Rieslings from Germany - this time from Stefan Gerhard. With Stefan Gerhard. Very nice wines, in particular the dry and off-dry ones. All the wines, Spatlese Trocken to Alte Reben to Erste Gewachs to Kabinett were legal Ausleses, and they felt like it too on the mouthfeel. But good. Real good and clean. Though not high in acidity, if one could find a criticism (which I'm sure someone will!)

Pics to follow. With just Stefan Gerhard. This time I didn't weasle into the pic.

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