Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beer can be so good

I had a few good wines this week but for the most part they were German Auslese, so rather than say the same great things I always say about German wine, I thought I would just fast forward all that and talk about Beer.

This is not going to be a comprehensive talk about beer, but rather, a brief note of admiration for Belgian beer in general and for Father's Office, a beer hall that I appreciate, specifically.

Last evening, I picked up my husband from the airport and our plan was to hit Culver City, where a new Father's Office has opened up, a copy of the original Santa Monica Father's Office, which we have enjoyed on many occasions.

I heard about the new Father's Office from a wine account manager who was visiting me and showing me 2006 Clos de los Siete, among other Argentine wines. At any rate, the recommendation was great - the new Culver City Father's Office was a delight and a perfect after-hours beer place with great food - a veritable Gastro-Pub if we were to use the British term - a pub with a relaxed atmosphere that serves upscale, better-than-usual-pub-fare food with specialty beers.

I enjoyed a fresh-from-the-tap Chimay Tripel which passed my lips with delight and I was reminded of a Belgian saying that my father-in-law taught me and that was "it is as though an angel pissed in my mouth." You gotta love Belgian humor - you just gotta!

With my refreshing and flavorful beer I enjoyed some comfortable patio seating, nice down-time with hubby, and the following yummy grub: sweet potato fries served a la carte - which means it comes in that cute metal shopping cart that I remember so well from the Santa Monica location, and a Duck Confit Salad. Johan had the classic burger for which they are famous - fresh ground Angus beef in a hogie bun along with applewood smoked bacon, Maytag blue chese, arugula, and sauteed sweet onions. He had a couple different Belgians, the first was a Maredsous 8 (dark beer) and the second was the Delerium Tremens (a golden). We both had a delectable and satisfying meal and it had the relaxed atmosphere we so enjoy in pubs.

That's it. Lots of love and praise for Belgian beer, pubs, and summer-like evenings out on the patio of a posh yet still relaxed place called Father's Office. Go there some time. Best fries around (regular or sweet potato) and NO KETCHUP, just aioli for dippin'.

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Geshtin said...

I do find Tripels to be the most refreshing of trappists, but for a Riesling-lover like you, I might have thought the Saison style to be more your style? Have you tried Dupont's Saison or De Ranke's XX Bitter (or Thiriez's √Čtoile du Nord from the French side of the border)? If not, do so! More aromatic, more refreshing, less sweet, and stunningly complex.

I just saw the Maredsous here - must try that soon!