Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday dinner and a new wine discovery from Italy

Yesterday it was Sunday, and I worked at the store, enjoying a rather brisk day of friendly folks coming in to stock up on wine for the week. Afterwards, there was a dinner at a local restaurant where a friend had invited us along with a group of others whom Johan and I had never met. It was a wine pairing dinner during which I learned about a wine I quite liked.

The wine is from Umbria, and the cool thing is that our store stocks it - it is brand new to us, and probably to this local restaurant. It was 2004 Lungarotti Rubesco Rosso Di Torgiano made from Sangiovese and Canaiolo and is a tasty, inexpensive Italian wine that caught my attention. While it is no Barolo, its price tag isn't either (a nice $13.99), and it probably blows away a whole lot of other wines at that price point. Maybe I just like Sangiovese. But I think that other grape, Canaiolo contributes here too, as I have had 100% Sangiovese wines that I didn't much care for.

I think I might pick up a bottle today for tonight's dinner. This is one of those weeknight wines that are a gem to have around, like 2006 La Cabotte Cotes du Rhone or 2005 Zenato Valpolicella. Wines that are perfect with pasta or any chicken/meat & veggies combo and television! Or surfing the web, if you prefer (which I sometimes do).

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