Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Musings - Persepolis, J Vintage Brut, and Who Knows What Else

There are not that many movies that I like, but a notable one that I watched recently was Persepolis, which I enjoyed on a flight to Vancouver. It was one of those flights which I love - where they have the movie screen on the back of the chair in front of you, and you can select which movie you want to watch. That is the BEST! On those flights, I hardly even need to have a great book. Reading is hard to do after some hours, and I find it exhausting on a long flight, unless it is a really great book. A nice movie is a treat, especially when I can choose the movie and choose when to start and stop it.

In other words, I am really hoping that the flights that I will be on in a couple of days will have this movie option.

So onto Persepolis. This movie was so good I was moved, and watched it again for the second time on the flight back. I recommended it to all. The movie is animated and in French. It is very cute but also political and historical, which I enjoyed. I didn't know so many things about Iran's history. I am lame for learning history through cartoons, but hey, I'm not perfect. I really enjoy history but have not been reading enough books or paying attention to this so far in my life, so I am trying to catch up. Being in wine makes me more prone to learning about history since it seems intertwined, or at least, it leads me there.

Persepolis is about a girl who grew up in Iran and lived through the revolution and subsequent government there, which, as the story goes, is oppressive. Her parents are progressive, but they still have to live within the contraints of society. So they send their only child to Austria to go to school. She lives there for several years and reaches adolescence. It is an interesting time for her and she has some good times, but ultimately doesn't feel like she fits in, so in a particularly bad moment, after days of living on the streets and contracting pneumonia (or some other lung infection), she returns home to Iran to live with her parents.

But life is not all grand at home either. She tries marriage; it fails. She tries university - it too is oppressive. Finally, the story ends when ... wait - you might want to watch it so I'll stop there!

It's a hilarious movie. There is reference to Sachertorte. I might have to try this just to say I have.

Okay, what else. I have put a magnum of 2000 J Vintage Brut in the fridge. It is too much for 2 people to drink, but we have not had the opportunity to have people over so I put it in there. I want to try some! It was part of a birthday present for Johan back in January. It' s the end of May! It is time to open it. I'll write notes on it. I have high hopes for it. I hope it tastes like vintage Champagne. :)

Final note: I wrote a short article about 2007 vs 2006 German wines for an online site called German Wine Estates. Here's their link: http://www.germanwineestates.com/ I have written for them before and they published and here's hoping they will publish this also. If they do, I'll mention it here and link over!

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