Friday, September 19, 2008

Rough week.... sorry sorry haven't posted!

Just checking in here - came up for a breath! Just a quick one!

First off, haven't been able to get online hardly at all because the computer was down. Not good for business if you are a salesperson! People like email! Stressful.

On a positive note, I have a new driving companion for when I am working. Hee! She's great! It's the GPS lady. She tells you where to go. You just sit back and do what she says and she'll get you there. Love it. Even tells you which side of the road the freeway entrance will be on. Yes, the freeway entrance the direction you want to go. Sweet! Love the GPS!

I have been visiting many accounts. All sorts of places. Here are some conclusions:

1. The parking in downtown is highway robbery.

2. Everyone is shopping at Whole Foods!

3. The 51st floor of a building is not that comfy actually. Ears pop.

That's about it. There are some other stories, but I won't tell them to protect the innocent!


Samantha Dugan said...

Hey Nancy,
Greetings from Chicago!! We are having a blast and I thought of you last night when we were in a cute little wine bar called CRU, think you would have loved it!
Wow, 51st floor....what is up there?! Congrats on the GPS must be a big help. Cant wait to hear more stories girlie!

Nancy Deprez said...

Thanks for the greetings, Sam, and for thinking of me! Glad you are having a great time in CHI!