Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sipping on Silvaner

Well, another long day!

Good thing I have some Silvaner left in my bag that I won't be using tomorrow. Mmm mmm - delicious 2006 Hans Wirsching Estate Silvaner Dry - I can't believe why this wine isn't more popular - it is fantastic and delicious and beats Sauvignon Blanc (for me) and certainly Chardonnay. It has some great weight that would appeal to Chardonnay drinkers, without the oak, and tons of citrus and orange blossom and yellow grapefruit - makes me crave a slab of the best raw yellowtail sashimi... ahhh.

Another winner that I took out with me today was the 2006 Becker Pinot Noir. This wine knocks it out of the ball park - a German Spatburgunder that is enough new world in style that it appeals to even those who like California Pinot Noir. Imagine! Something that Californian Pinot lovers can dig that isn't 14.5% alcohol and full of wood! Seriously, an elegant fruit-forward Pinot Noir with some earthiness and forest floor there to make it interesting. A great fall wine with all those roast chicken and roast turkey-type dishes.

Well, like I mentioned above, it was a long and tiring day, but now that I'm enjoying my wine by the computer, the place all quiet because the hubby is out at a hockey thing where they pick their hockey tickets that they want from a shared season's pass group thing, I'm thinking, damn, it was a pretty successful day. I got 2 of my wines at Lucques and one of my wines at AOC, and 2 of my wines at the SkyRoom in Long Beach, and soon, I'll have some wines at Walt's Wharf. Not bad!

World domination is soon to be mine! :P

Ah, if only it were so easy.......


Samantha Dugan said...

Congratulations on the placements Nancy, there are two of my favorite restaurants on that list! Is Carolyn not super cool?!

Also a big congrats on the at home quiet time....sometimes that is so great especially after a long day. Hope you enjoyed it...that Pinot is pretty damn tasty I really must say....and that is coming not from a California Pinot drinker but a Burgundian one!

Nancy Deprez said...

Thanks Samantha! Yes, she is super cool!