Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2006 Ravenswood Merlot at Dinner

Just a quick post here, not much time. But I just wanted to note that last evening I went out for dinner with a good friend, and she wanted to drink Merlot, so she ordered something off the list, the 2006 Ravenswood Merlot. I honestly do not remember the last time I had Merlot with dinner, but I thought what the hay. It was $29 on the wine list and my friend mentioned seeing it at Vons for about $15, so cool.

My impression of the wine at first taste was that it was good. Not oaky at all, full of juicy red fruit, and even a hint of acidity, and definitely tasting of Merlot, according to what I remembered. Definitely drinkable and probable worth the fare. I can see why people drink Merlot!

By the end of the evening, though, I did get somewhat tired of the flavor - the wine had not improved or opened up like the way the wines I like do - it had the same one-dimensional flavor that it had in the beginning. It wasn't bad but it didn't turn into anything ethereal either. As such, I didn't really finish my last glass.

But there you have it, my review a on domestic Merlot! Bottom line, good, but not great! But not bad either!


Samantha Dugan said...

So what you are saying is, "Meh"? I do know what you are talking about, kind of the same way I feel about most wines in that style and not unlike the way I feel about ice cream. So tasty on that first bite but by like bite three it has coated my tongue and there is nothing new for me to taste in it....and refreshing??? Not so much!
So I am taking the moral of the story is, "Drink Ravenswood Merlot for quantity control"...wink

Nancy Deprez said...

LOL yes! I think it has been said that while there is nothing really wrong with mass produced industrial wine, it never inspires and makes one fall in love with wine.

Though, it is still wine and people still drink it in mass quantities and restaurants sell it like it is going out of style, so this is what we're up against! Ice cream is a good analogy. To me it is also like Diet Coke - easy, consistent, pretty much goes with everything - not brilliantly, but it's a stand-by on those days you don't want to think about it!