Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pfeffingen and Snails

Some times, you just gotta have snails. Snails done in the buttery garlicy goodness that is the Burgundian style, a style that makes you think that some wise French person in the countryside, centuries ago, found some critters in the garden and decided that since the lettuce and potatoes hadn't quite come in yet, it was time to bake these little guys in the oven and enjoy with some crusty bread and crisp white wine.

And that's what we did. The wine of choice was the dry, almostly lemony good 2007 Pfeffingen Dry Riesling from the Pfalz. For a great price ($15.99), this wine delivers! Lemon custard on the nose, followed by a palate of clean lemon zest and Granny smith apple. Went perfectly well with the hot and bubbly Escargot Bourguignon. Can one ask for anything more? Well, maybe another glass of wine and other 6 more snails, please!

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Samantha Dugan said...

I got to try that Pfeffingen last Friday and I agree it is soooo dry and crisp. I defy anyone to say that Riesling is sweet. So racy and vibrant, it must have been perfect with that buttery sauce.