Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from my first day!

Yep, it's exhausting, but it's not bad! People are actually pretty nice overall, they love Riesling, and they don't mind ordering some. What do you know?!?

Things I have learned:

1. Sometimes offices are on the second floor.

2. It is hard to walk up stairs with heels on, carrying a bag of 6 bottles of wine.

3. It's not impossible, it's just scary to think about it after the fact, and it makes me seriously consider sticking to flats (flat shoes).

That's all my mental energy will allow me to put out right now. I hit over 13 places today, 5 of them appointments. The rest were just to pop in and say hi. Oh, yeah:

4. There are a lot of places (restaurants and retail).

I'll have my work cut out for me! No shortage of clients out there in the big wide world. Woohoo!

PS I had lunch at Wahoo's taco joint. It was good. Brought back memories. I used to live near that one up on Wilshire Blvd. Ah, back to the old stompin' grounds.


Samantha Dugan said...

Congratulations on a busy first day Nancy. Sounds like you covered a lot of ground....wowzers I would be pooped. Weel, sounds like you had fun and I wish you luck on day two.

David McDuff said...

Good luck with the new gig, Nancy. And by all means, ditch the heels. Falling down stairs with an armful of wine is no fun.

Nancy Deprez said...

Heh, great advice!