Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beauty in unexpected places

During my travels through the southland in my new job as a wine rep, perhaps the most stunning vistas was what I encountered yesterday. Of all places, in the valley. Specifically, this was the Simi Valley off the 118 freeway way, way, way north of where I live. I never go up to this area, but yesterday I designated it Valley Day and visiting a number of accounts up that way - I was literally stunned by the mountain vistas lit up by the fall sunlight.

I was so stunned because usually I am an ocean person and love the look of the ocean water and generally shun the desert. But this was no ordinary desert up in these hills - it was primary rock jutting out of the ground in the most majestic way. Kind of took me aback.

And among these gorgeous rock formations lie some communities such as Westlake Village and Chatsworth, which harbor some pretty neat little wine bars and wine stores. One such that I discovered is called Bellavino - a wine bar tucked in a strip mall in Westlake Village that looked like such a fun place to be that I might drive up the 40 miles from my home on my day off just to partake in the restaurants wine and food offerings.

Another find was Liquid Wine and Spirits, a wine store up in Chatworth where the co-owner and employee both tasted the wine and cracked me up with their hilarious banter and jokes. They were a well-spring of laughs and I appreciated them for their gut-splitting humor.

And at a time like this, when the stock market tanks for 7 days straight and people lose money left right and center, who doesn't need a belly of laughter and a eyeful of natural beauty? Everyone needs these things - laughter in spite of difficulty, an appreciation of the enduring grace of natural things that don't change for millions of years, even if our man-made chaos changes by the second.

This past week, I have enjoyed my short runs by the ocean even more than usual. Enjoying the tiny bit of crisp coolness that the fall brings to the early morning enlivens me more than anything that money can buy.

And finally, at the end of the day, I am enjoying the "feet" end of my wine samples, and you know what? They are still good. Ah.... it's the simple things in life... Thank you!

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Samantha Dugan said...

Great post Nancy! It is so important to take a step back from all the ugly things we hear on the news and look around at the things that are beautiful; ocean, mountains, laughter, a great glass of wine, gooey cheese, friends....whatever. Keeps us pushing on and not locking ourselves in homes terrified of the next dropping shoe!

Thanks for the reminder girlie!