Friday, October 31, 2008

Everyone should be drinking something good on Tuesday evening....

I'll be at Arnie Morton's enjoying happy hour with a friend after I meet with the wine director (hopefully I get the account too!)

Everyone should stock up this weekend on something fabulous (Champagne, a high end red, an old Riesling, something) to enjoy while tuning in to find out who will become the next president.

Something to cheer with or cry into. Duzzent matter!

Or be at a bar or restaurant where they're showing the thing on a big screen so you can be among others crying or cheering into their drink - why not?

My hubby, in classic Canadian fashion, will be at a hockey game, avoiding the whole scene. F'ing EH!


Samantha Dugan said...

I've been eyeballing the magnum section at The Wine Country, and the hubby already told me that I need to bring home a bottle or two of Champagne for Tuesday night! This really is an amazing and historic election....a black man and a woman, was not sure it would happen in my lifetime so this really is exciting...I will be glued to my t.v Tuesday night.

Nancy Deprez said...

Wow - a magnum of Champagne - that sounds perfect!

I should have a bottle chilling at home to have after I get back from happy hour and the hubby gets back from the Kings game. There will be cause for celebration! :)