Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haven't been blogging!

So I noticed that I haven't been blogging much. Here are some reasons:

1. No time.

2. When I do have time, I feel more like reading other people's blogs, or renting a video and escaping than writing about my wine experiences.

3. Overall stress due to the economy and my own trying to get a grip on sales while the economy tanks.

4. Because I'm selling wine now instead of buying wine, I'm being exposed to much fewer wines, so what to write about?

But I should write sometime and contribute to the Bloggosphere! Hee hee!

Let's see:

This week has been much better than previous, in spite of the economy. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of Selling Wine. I'm freaking out less over problems, and staying calm more. I think that's step one! I'm meeting a lot of great people and finding out that the wine community is so nice and tight and small! The same folks go round and round and do a ton of things. There is connection and history, and I like that. Also, my reputation precedes me, which is a lot of fun. People go "I know you - you write for The Wine Country newsletter! You write their German wine stuff!" Now, how cool is that?

Also cool is that they know Randy, owner of The Wine Country, many people know Samantha, who has been at The Wine Country and has history there, and many people know Bennett, because he posts on e-bob and is a part of a few wine tasting groups that have some So-Cal renown.

So yeah, that's a ton of fun! Meeting people who are wine people in restaurants but also have a wine project somewhere up north (up the coast in California, for example), seeing wine stores that used to be art galleries, going into restaurants that have their Michelin star awards proudly posted, finding restaurants in the Zagat guide I've never heard of and visiting them and finding out that they are absolutely beautiful, and it is because the owners behind them call it their baby.... it makes me feel pretty happy to be part of the hospitality business.

And when these same folks that I feel admiration for, because they have the guts to own their own business and share with the world a piece of themselves, when these same folks take the time to taste my wines (well, not MY wines, but the wines of Robert Eymael, Fritz Hasselbach, Oliver Haag, and others), and then go and get their chef to taste the wines, and then proclaim that these indeed are the best Rieslings they have had in recent memory - well that just makes everything worthwhile.

Now, if I can just get the hang and make money doing this, then all will be well in the world! Isn't that the truth for everyone in the wine industry!!!???!!!

Cheers, everyone.

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Samantha Dugan said...

Hey Girlie,
Nice to see you posting again....never thought about the fact that the new gig may hinder your blogging but it makes perfect sence...not as many events or quite the range of wines to write about, guess you are just going to have to share all your dirty laundry like some of those other silly bloggers...ahem.
Very cool that you are digging all the restaurants and the people behind them, it really is romantic in a way...the way they all work so hard to please people...they sure arent doing it for the freaking money as you well know. Keep fighting for that corm girlie!!