Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry about the last venting post!

Wow a lot of venom came out there! Where was that from? I did not mean for it to get so out of hand!

But I guess it had to get let out, because after that I had a really good day of sales. So go figure.

It would have been a great day but for two things - one: I got the news that Tom Leykis' show is going to go off the air - now I know my readers may not be huge fans of Tom Leykis, but this is my entertainment in the afternoon on the radio..... all these callers and Tom with his unique approach to life.... I can't believe HE is being laid off due to this crappy economic environment.

The second thing is that I heard from my friend who works for one of the big food wholesalers, and she actually told me that HOSPITALS are defaulting on their invoices, ie. not paying their bills. I guess health care is not immune to this current economic suck-hole.

Okay there I have gone on to the negative side again. Sorry!

But seriously, there is still a lot of great stuff in life, life is good, life is awesome, there are a lot of great people, and I am very grateful.

Cheers everyone!

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Samantha Dugan said...

Don't be sorry Nancy, we all need to vent...blogs are good for that! I thought the post was funny. Now Tome Leykis....that's another story, learning that you listen to him...that is shocking!