Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter Vineyards

A stark contrast to what one sees in September, say, but beautiful nonetheless.

Schnaitmann vineyards in Fellbach, Wurttemburg:

Rudolf Furst vineyards in Franken:

The Brauneberger Juffer, view from Fritz Haag winery:

View out the window from Wegeler Mosel:

View out the window at Karthauserhof in the Ruwer:

A view outside the Meyer-Nakel winery in Dernau in the Ahr Valley ("Are we Dernau?" Joke credit goes to Brent Wiest)

Urziger Wurzgarten in the background, with the Monchhof winery in the foreground:

Not tourist season, as you can see, but wow, the pruning is certainly a ton of work!


David McDuff said...

These scenes look far too normal to me, Nancy, as my last few trips to Europe have all been in February. I'm dying to get back but think I may wait for a slightly warmer season this year.

Nancy Deprez said...

Hi David,

Interesting - most if not all of my previous trips to winegrowing regions have been in the spring, summer, or fall, when there's plenty of green leafiness. This was my first trip in the winter. A whole bunch more drab, with beer gardens on the Mosel being closed for the winter, etc.

Lyle Fass said...

Yea I went to Germany last February for first time and it was a snooze.